ADVANCE CONTROLS INC... Quality Controls for Industry
Unique Patented Products: Inverter Bypass Safety Switch, Fusible Disconnect Switches, DC Power Supplies; Photoelectric and Proximity Sensors & Cords (Banner, AB, and Sick Equivalents); Limit Switches; Safety Switches; Contactors; Enclosed Starters; Manual Motor Starters; Cam Switches; Metal and Non-Metallic Pushbuttons; Relays; Terminal Blocks

SoftNoze's products range from our simple, but unique RiteAngle™ Brackets, to patented designs such as our Cushioned Sensor Mounts, Proxtrol™ and EMC Technology™ solutions.
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SoftNoze-designed products:

• Provide easy and rapid sensor installation
• Decrease sensor wear and tear
• Eliminate future downtime
• Facilitate sensor maintenance

Our engineers have specified and designed sensor-based control systems just as you do, so they understand your world. More importantly, our products are designed to fit into it. If you don't see a stock solution to fit your application, SoftNoze will give your ideas and or application to our highly-qualified development team. They will either customize a standard product or deliver an entirely new solution.

TECHNOSOFT... Revolutionary Digital Drives with Embedded DSP Motion Controller and PLC
Surprisingly Compact and Cost-Effective Controller/Drives For Brushless, DC, Step, and Linear Motors; Card or Enclosed;High Performance; Easy Graphical Programming or supplied with your own OEM Firmware; 25 to 3000 watts output,Large Command Vocabulary Including Embedded PLC

Accu Tech USA offers the largest selection of Linear Guides and Ball Screws in North America.

We are committed to providing the smoothest, most precise and longest lasting motion products on the market. Our expert Design Engineering , Application Engineering and Custom Machining services give you the competitive edge you have been looking for. Knowledge - Our Sales Team are Industry Experts Delivery - You Enjoy the Shortest Lead Times in the Industry Performance - Your Equipment Demands It Value - Your Budget Thrives On It


Contec…A global supplier of I/O Data Acquisition boards and Industrial Computers.

Contec offers a more complete I/O board offering than National Instruments, in addition to a 30-60% cost savings depending on the I/O board. Contec is a Mathworks and Lab Works Connection Program Partner. Contec’s Micro PC’s are the Smallest In The World.


Heidenhain... Linear Encoders, Angular Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Digital Readouts.

World-respected metrology company, whose policy is simply:“The highest achievable quality”. Heidenhain delivers its products to manufactures of machine tools, automation machines, electronics manufacturing, & optical, and many others.


MICRO-EPSILON... The World Leader in all Types of Measurement Instruments.

Every Popular Technology from Eddy Current and Laser to Draw Wire. Resolution to 0.000008% of Range. Stable, reliable Laser Micro meters. Displacement Meters adapt to surface variations without interrupting output. LVDT’s, Embeddable Rod Transducers, Linescan cameras. & Confocal

MICROSCAN... Leader In High Speed Compact Bar and 2D Code Scanning, Vision, & Lighting

Industrial & OEM Models To Read Bar Codes, 2D Data Matrix, and PDF 417. Speeds as High as 2000 Decodes/ Second, Lines as Fine as 0.003. Compatible With All Major Networks and Output Configurations. Miniature Bar/2D Scanners with optical character recognition! Vision Systems (Formerly Siemens/RVSI) Lighting (Formerly Nerlite Connectivity boxes for easy integration with your machine.

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